What is Gamecock BoxingTM?
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Short History of Cockfighting
The ancient sport of cockfighting originated in the Orient and eventually was introduced into Europe sometime in the 5th Century B.C. where it became a sport in ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. The sport eventually became widespread and later became popular in England, Ireland, Belgium, India, Asia, the Philippines, United States, Central and South America, the Caribbean and Mexico. Today, cockfighting is still legal in many countries including three states Oklahoma, Louisiana and New Mexico, as well as the United States territories of Puerto Rico and Guam.

The beautiful and sometimes multicolored gamecock also referred to as the fighting cock, is a distinct variety of chicken closely resembling the wild jungle fowl of India. The ancient sport of cockfighting has a long American tradition with centuries old bloodlines, and is part of our American history. In early America, cockfighting became one of America's national sport. Attesting to the sport's immense popularity and the gamecock's unbelievable courage, the image of the gamecock was seriously considered to be selected to be placed on the Official Seal of the United States. Historically, past presidents Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Jackson and Lincoln were known to participate in the sport of cockfighting. The great University of South Carolina founded in 1801 adopted the gamecock as its school emblem for its incredible courage.

History of Invention (patent pending)

In many countries, and in some states within the United States, cockfighting is an accepted form of entertainment. The Latin and Asian cultures in particular enjoy and promote this form of entertainment. In many countries and in many states of the United States, this form of entertainment is illegal, primarily because of the injury or death incurred by the gamecocks. In the traditional cockfight, the gamecocks have knives attached to their trimmed natural spurs, making their matches according to critics, a lethal and brutal form of entertainment. Historically, this ancient sport moved from the urban areas to be found only in the rural areas of the United States and eventually underground in those states where it is illegal. This cultural clash of values can be resolved by the practical, non-lethal contest referred to as Gamecock BoxingTM.

The main objectives of this invention are (1) to provide a non-lethal, humane gamecock sparring match that prevents death and essentially eliminates any injury to the gamecocks, (2) to provide equipment, including an arena, scoring vest, boxing gloves and a scoring apparatus, that facilitates legal wagering on the gamecock sparring match, (3) make this ancient sport legally acceptable on a state by state basis, and allow gamecock breeders to continue to legally test and perfect their breed.

The Score

The scoring is displayed on a monitor for everyone to see. It will show the total score for each gamecock as the scores are made round by round and the total scoring of each gamecock at the end of the match. The gamecock with the highest over all score wins the match.

The timer will stop at the end of each round and no points can be scored after the timer stops; The timer automatically stops the scoring. Any contact with a sensor in between rounds will not be counted by the scoring mechanism.

Electronic Scoring Mechanism
This diagram shows two gamecocks and the process of the analog signal. The transmitter from each gamecock's vest will send signals to a receiver J from receiver to PC Information processor to monitors displaying the score board.
The Boxing Glove
The boxing gloves provided by Gamecock BoxingTM for each gamecock before each match are made of foam rubber soft enough to absorb the impact of any blow, but firm enough to set off the sensor upon impact. They are attached to the two natural spurs of each gamecock which are pre-trimmed before the match.
Vesting Room

There are two gamecocks selected for each boxing match. Each gamecock has a handler who takes their respective gamecock into the vesting room and they are accompanied by the referee. The referee then puts a vest on each gamecock. One gamecock is provided a green vest and the other gamecock is provided a red vest by Gamecock BoxingTM. Except for color, each vest is identical, containing various sensors throughout the vest. The vest is adjusted for a comfortable fit. Specially manufactured boxing gloves provided by Gamecock BoxingTM are attached to the trimmed natural spurs of each gamecock by their handler.

A piece of adhesive tape will be used over the upper end of the beak, to avoid a strong bill hold that may cause a scratch on the skin of the opposing gamecock. Also, the toe nails on their talons will be pre-trimmed and manicured to a smooth round finish, but not too close to the flesh in order to avoid soreness and at the same time, allow the gamecock to walk and move around using its nails for a natural grip. The beak cannot be manicured nor trimmed, for any filing or trim of a beak will cause soreness and the roosters will not able to pick up their feed from the ground.


On one entrance facing the arena, the red color boxing team's handler enters with his gamecock. He is directed to the judge's scale to weigh his gamecock. The two gamecocks are weighed prior to the boxing match. Both gamecocks should be the same weight, but there is a 2 ounce allowance. The judge verifies the weight and he then proceeds to the vesting room. There the referee puts the red vest and the Gamecock BoxingTM gloves on the gamecock, and then the handler is directed to the red side of the arena with his gamecock.

The green team will go through the same process except the green color boxing team's handler will enter the arena from the green entrance. When both handlers are in the ring, they set their rooster on the floor for the audience to see them, then they pick them up. The people seated around the ring are betters and spectators who have paid to watch.

Betting System

At this time the people start betting on the gamecock they like the best i.e. $100.00 even money, if one gamecock is a favorite, betters start laying odds. 90-100 - 80-100, sometimes as low as 70-100. Bets are placed before the match begins for the over all winner and in between each round for the winner of that particular round.

With the electronic betting system, a better goes to the arena office to bet and purchase a card for 20-50-100-1000, etc. When a better makes a bet on the electronic system, he receives a red ticket if he bets on the red rooster and he receives a green ticket if he bets on the green rooster. If he wins, he will redeem his ticket at the betting arena office.

Games Begin
The referee will call both handlers to the center of the arena with their gamecocks. He instructs the handlers to show the gamecocks. The handlers will go to their assigned color red or green as shown on the arena diagram. Show means, each handler holds his gamecock with both hands and places him facing the other at the center of the ring. At the moment the handlers set the gamecocks on the floor, take two or three steps back and release the gamecocks on or behind the pre-marked lines on the ground and the 10 second round starts running. At the end of 10 seconds, the system shuts off. The referee counts 10 seconds of rest period. The judge starts the system for the second round and the same process continues to the end of the boxing match, which varies from 7 to 12 rounds depending on the boxing match program.
The sport of Gamecock BoxingTM lends itself to wagering with safeguards that prevent cheating, provides protective equipment "for the gamecocks, and, most importantly, avoidance of any injury or death to the gamecocks during a match. This is a win win sport. Gamecock BoxingTM will discourage illegal cockfighting with lethal weapons, encourage legal cockfighting with knives to convert to Gamecock BoxingTM which will generate tax revenues, will allow gamecocks who naturally fight each other to live and return to compete another day without injury, and the ancient sport of cockfighting can legally continue to flourish within acceptable humane standards for anyone who wishes to participate and continue to enjoy. Invest in the future with Gamecock BoxingTM.
About Gamecock BoxingTM  (Patent Pending)
Gamecock Boxing Corporation is a Nevada Corporation incorporated on
July 30, 2001. It is the legal owner and operator of Gamecock Boxing
and all of its trademarks. Gamecock Boxing
TM  is presently in the initial
production stage of making a prototype of its vest, gloves and scoring
mechanism scheduled to be tested and completed in 2002.


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